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Why winter shouldn't stop you: don't wait until New Year

Sarah Gazard, Senior Community Living Advisor at MHA Wellesley Court

With winter just around the corner, I always find it's a great time to reflect and get thinking about the steps you can take to start the new year as you mean to go on.

A big step which many could be considering for the year ahead might be stepping outside your comfort zone to try something new; perhaps moving to a new area, or maybe just switching to a home that fits your current needs a little better. This may be because you feel it's time to downsize, or because you fancy a change of scenery as you move into retirement. However, I know hat as winter rolled in, with days getting colder and it getting darker much earlier, this kind of decision becomes east to put off for another day. From my experience, though you can never start making preparations too early, particularly if you want to move in the new year.

I've helped many retirees take this next step in their lives- and I've seen the fantastic impact a new home can have on quality of life. Below I've expanded a little to explain how making a move at this time in you life can positively impact your wellbeing.

Friends new and old

Moving to a new community means opportunities to get stuck in, meet lots of new people and make new friends. As you move into retirement, you will hopefully also have much more time to take part in activities; hobbies can provide countless opportunities to meet and mingle with new friends, who may be in the same phase of life.

Making this move however doesn't mean saying goodbye to old friendships. With so many ways to keep in touch these days it's easy to update your friends on what you're doing- and some might want to take advantage of your new location by coming to visit!

See in the spring in your new home

Leaving somewhere you've called home for a long period of time is always hard. Making the decision to go to a new place, however, can be a great adventure if you choose somewhere that is right for you now, and in the future. Whether that;s bu the seaside in Poole, a bustling Hampshire town, or the beautiful Sottish countryside, everyone hs a dream retirement location in mind. And what better sight to enjoy in your new location than seeing the daffodils come through as winter turns to spring? Many retirees I work with made sure they chose a location near the countryside, as they love seeing the flowers bloom in the Spring and the leaves fall in the winter- whatever you love about nature and the great outdoors, make sure you factor that into your move.

Making the most of your free time

The freedom that retirement brings means that you can make you decision based purely on you needs and wished- no more worrying about whether there's a good school around the corner, or if you're close enough to the office.

Although there are other considerations to bear in mind, such as whether a new property will still be suitable if you become less able later on, retirement is a time to focus on yourself. It's important to choose a place which has lots of great options for activities that suit you, whether that be playing bowls, fishing, or reading on your own patio.

Make sure you look around at all the options available to you when it comes to retirement properties- there are many to choose from. From bungalows, apartments or small houses, finding the right property for you needs and tasted is key.

So, as we move into winter time, why not start weighing up your options and seeing if your dream home is possible? Of course, there are many factors to consider when making this momentous decision. But if you're finding yourself thinking about whether it's time to have a change- it probably is. A great place to start would be going to stay for a night or two near a location you may be considering, to see if it lives up to your expectation. Who knows, it could be the start of a brand new adventure

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