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Studious retiree heads back to school

64 year old has been studying hard to complete a masters in computing

Archie MacDonald, a resident at MHA Auchlochan in South Lanarkshire, shows it's not just youngsters heading back to school the September, as he continues studying for a masters in computing.

After graduating from the Open University with a BSc degree in computer studies in 2015, Archie enrolled done a a master's course with the university last year. He only has one module left to complete before he will have achieved a post-graduate diploma, and this academic year he plans to focus on cyber-security. He will then be well on his way to a masters degree, with just the research project left to complete.

Archie left school almost 50 years ago at the age of 17 to peruse a career in ICT with Scottish Power. After climbing the career ladder for 30 years, it was only when he began working as a freelancer that he discovered opportunities with the Open University and began studying modules with them.

When Archie retired and moved to retirement village, MHA Auchlochan, he was able to push on and finish the degree "Auchlochan gave me the space time and supportive community I needed to really concentrate on my studies." he commented. "Living here with so many other people dedicating time to their passions really spurred me on."

He added: "I've really enjoyed having a well-earned break after 18 months of intense study and am looking forward to picking up my studies again. The whole Open University experience had been really rewarding- if challenging at times. The tutors really understand what mature students have to offer and I've found that the focus is more on life skills and experience than attainment."

Outside of his studies, Archie has been a key figure in the Auchlochan community, helping his neighbours get to grips with the latest tech by experimenting with computers and helping to set up a digital photography club.

Have you taken on higher education in later life? What do you think of this article? 

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