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Keeping fit and healthy with the Green goddess Part 1

Keeping fit and healthy with the Green Goddess.

In the first two part series, model, fitness expert and journalist Diana Moran shares tips on keeping fit after 50 and how she has dealt with her own health issues. 

DIANA MORAN is probably best remembered from the Eighties, when she hosted the exercise segment of BBC1’s Breakfast Time in her trademark leotard. Back on our screens to help people stay fit and supple while staying indoors, here she reveals how she keeps looking amazing three decades on.

What is the best advice for people to stay fit and healthy as they get older?
Keep active physically and mentally. Walking is the simplest way to be active. Think about using the stairs instead of the lift and go outdoors or into the garden to enjoy the fresh air. Keep involved in things socially, too, as that will keep you mentally and physically active. Also, keep in touch with younger people. My four grandchildren – who are all young adults now – keep me mentally and physically
active and in touch with their young world.

What would be an average day’s eating for you?
Always breakfast – I cannot go without it! I’ll have a home mix of muesli with three fruits – perhaps blueberries, raspberries and a banana. I’ll also have freshly-squeezed orange juice and a cup
of coffee. I’ll have another coffee a short while later. If I have time, I’ll have fish, salad and vegetables as my main meal at lunchtime. If the day is busy, I’ll have that in the evening instead. I eat a little meat but not very much at all.

You’ve had serious health worries in your life and have bounced back, do you think positive thinking has helped you?
Yes! I am one of those people who thinks positively, and see my cup as half full. I vowed 35 years ago, when I survived breast cancer, that I’d never waste another day of my life, and I don’t think I have.

You have osteopenia – the early stage of osteoporosis. What were your symptoms and how are you helping yourself now?
I felt fine but at a routine medical check two years ago when measuring my height the nurse called out ‘5ft 8.5’ and I said, ‘oh no, I’m 5ft 10.5’. She checked and she was right – I was 5ft 8.5 and had lost
two inches in height. That is one sign of osteopenia. so I had a DEXA scan which revealed I had this condition, the pre-cursor to osteoporosis. I was 78 and initially felt very annoyed as I’d done so much activity and exercise in my life and was still very active and following a healthy diet. I decided to do what I could to counter it. Around that time I heard about Marodyne LiV – a new device that sends low intensity vibrations through your body to stimulate bone-forming cells. I gave it a try and absolutely love the gentle vibrations, which feel like a purring cat! It’s really easy to use – you just stand on it for ten minutes
a day and let it work its magic.

What is your fitness routine these days?
Every morning as soon as I get out of bed I do what I call my monkey stretch. I stand with my feet hip width apart and bend forwards allowing my arms to fall towards the floor. I then swing them up
in the air and then bend forwards again. I do that five times. It’s very energising! Then for my tummy and back I lie down on the floor and hook my feet under the bed and do 25 crunches. Then I bring both knees to my right side with my arms outstretched and turn my head to the left. Then switch sides with my knees to the left and head to the right. It’s a lovely stretch. Then I’m ready for my day and look to be active where possible – my grandchildren are all great walkers and being so much younger than me, set a good pace!

■ For more information on Marodyne LiV go to:

Written by Sue Moxley is one of the UK’s leading beauty experts; her career as a successful makeup artist took her around the world and she was the trusted artist for many celebrities. Sue branched into beauty journalism and was beauty editor of a national newspaper as well as other publications. She has also hosted several makeover shows on national television. She currently has a brand of beauty accessories and cosmetics in Tesco Extra stores and online: (

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