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‘In Vogue’ Veg – Cavolo Nero Sales Grow by 14%

Shoppers bought 14% more of the brassica cavolo nero in the past year than the previous year and added over 3,500 kgs of the veg to their shopping trolley

Over the past 12 months 1 in 10 people bought the brassica for the first time and 1 in 5 purchased it more often

The increase in sales is being driven by the growing popularity of plant-based diets and celebrity support for cavolo nero, as well as its health benefits and taste

In 2017 Waitrose announced that it sold a pack of cavolo nero, chard or kale every second and since then the popularity of kale’s Italian cousin, cavolo nero, has continued to grow with new figures showing sales of the brassica grew by 14% in the past year.

The new data, released by Emmett UK who grow cavolo nero for leading retailers including Waitrose, not only shows that people are buying more cavolo nero, but that a greater number are buying it for the first time. 1 in 10 people purchased cavolo nero for the first time in the past year.

There are a number of reasons the veg is currently in vogue. With more people following plant-based diets and a third having stopped or reduced the amount of meat they are eating for environmental or health reasons, a greater number of consumers than ever before are seeking healthy and great tasting veggie options.

Cavolo nero is certainly popular for its health and taste credentials, with 37% of people who bought cavolo nero for the first time in the past year or bought more, doing so due to its health benefits and 25% doing so for its taste.

As well as being high in calcium, folic acid and vitamins K, A and C and containing manganese, copper and iron, cavolo nero is also high in lutein. Lutein is a carotenoid which can help to protect the eyes from macular disease - one of the leading causes of sight loss in the UK.

Names in food, such as James Martin and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and in health & wellness, such as Dr Rupy Aujla, Tom Daley and Lizzie King have also helped boost interest by using the veg in recipes. Consumers are keen to emulate these celebrity advocates, with 18% of those who bought more cavolo nero in the past year, or bought it for the first time, doing so because one of their favourite chefs or online influencers has used it.

Alex Boughton, Sales Director for Emmett UK, comments; “The time is now for cavolo nero. With more than ever of us following plant-based diets and sharing pictures of our food online, we’re seeking more unique vegetables which look great, taste great and offer significant health benefits and cavolo nero most certainly fits the bill.”

Nutritionist Fiona Hunter comments; “An extremely versatile vegetable, cavolo nero boasts a string of health benefits which place it firmly in the ‘superfood’ category. It is high in vitamins K, A and C, lutein, calcium and folic acid and contains manganese, copper and iron.”

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