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Beauty: Denise Welch "I love the shape I'm in at 60"

Loose Women star Denise Welch tells Sue Moxley why she is looking, and feeling, better than ever

Bubbly actress and Loose Women star Denise Welch celebrates her 60th birthday this summer, and she's looking better than ever having lost two stone. Here she reveals how she stays in shape, her skin care must-haves and why her mother's favourite perfume is now hers, too...

Why do you think LighterLife has worked differently from other diets you've tried?

I've done diets in the past, but I've never stuck with them. LighterLife Total Plan is different. I followed the LighterLife Total Plan and lost two stone in two months, partly down to the fact that I was eating four of their Foodpacks per day, but mainly bevaise of the CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and group counselling the plan offered. The CBt taught me to change my unhealthy approach to food. Now, I enjoy my treat foods.

You are starring in Gary Barlow's musical take on Calendar Girls. How had losing weight affected your body confidence?

It's massively exciting working with Gary Barlow. I haven;t been shy about this in the approach to my 60th birthday year, and I feel so much better at 60 than I did when I was turning 50. It's given me the confidence to really go for it because I have so much energy.

You've revealed that you've had cosmetic eye surgery. What other extreme beauty treatments have you been tempted to try?

I;ve had fillers and Botox before, but I haven't had either done for eight years as I didn't like the feel of them. If something is making me unhappy, I'll change it, which is why I had my eyes lifted, but nothing is making me unhappy at the moment.

Selfridges, Aldi or the internet- where do you find your best beauty buys?

The older I get, the less makeup I'm wearing. I just think it looks better. I tend to wear more High Street brands than expensive ones. At the moment I'm loving Mii foundations and Rimmel lip stains.

What skin care product could you not live without?

A really good moisturiser. It's great to keep your skin looking naturally glowing. I'm currently using the Ponds Triple Action Moisturiser.

What are your makeup must-haves?

If you do want to wear makeup, I tend to go for a bright, bold lip and I love having my brows done- I love a HD brow. Apart from that I can pretty much go without anything else. 

What's the best makeup tip you've been given?

Less is more! There is honestly no better tip. Don't cake it on, let yourself show through.

Who's your hair stylist and who would you most like to spend time in the hairdresser's with?

My hairdresser is Lisa Izquierdo at Jose's in Altrincham. She's been my stylist and colourist for about 15 years. If I'm being honest, I would most like to spend time in the hairdresser's with her. She's one of my best friends and it's great to catch up and have a gossip.

What's your favourite spa treatment?

I love a massage. I'd happily have no other treatments, but a massage always makes me feel better. There are two that I go to, The Titanic in Huddersfield, and I always have a masseuse called Laura, and then I use Urban Massage at home.

Do you have a favourite perfume, if so, which one and why?

I have two favourites, Paloma Picasso and Gucci Rush. My mum used to wear Paloma Picasso so I wear that as it reminds me of her. Gucci Rush is jsut my signature scent- I've been wearing it for years.

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Denise lost two stone on LighterLife Total and maintains with LighterLife Fast 5:2. To find out more, log on to:

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