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Choice Blog

The Choice Blog is a place where we will post interesting places, events, ideas and things that we've noticed whilst putting the magazine together. They may be things that will develop into stories or justa great cafe that we called in at on a trip that we though we'd share with you. Please share and comment on social media please.

Recent Posts

The true cost of cancer: loss of dream home

Terry White was working as a contracts manager for an electrical company in Sheffield  and living in his dream home- a 5 bed roomed detached house- when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a blood cancer. As a result, ten months later in order to pay their debts Terry and his wife Debbie were forced to sell their home in Newark and move into a two up, two down.

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Charity bag collections

Our street was a rag and bones man's dream the other morning, with bags of old clothes stacked outside almost every door ready to be collected for charity. The trouble was they were still there the next morning and the next evening, too. This time it was breat cancer plastic sacks that were delivered with a request to place them outside. It's he same whenever we get the sacks from any charity you care to name. Tehy never get picked up.

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My experience: Giant Cell Arteritis

Retired community midwife Betty Short, 74, was diagnosed with GCA in 2014 and spent almost three years on steroids. She finally came off them last June, but was warned she might relapse at any time, and if that happened she would have to go back on steroids. Betty, from Dunsford in Devon, was so frightened this might happen that she has been saving money out of her pension to enable her to pay for the new treatment privately if she had a relapse.

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Fixing some problems

There is at least one certainly in life: there will be plenty of uncertainty. Circumstances change and there is always something that needs attention. In 48 years i publishing many times something I was expecting to happen didn't. None of my bosses over the years expected me to do a Private Frazer from Dad's Army and simply say: "We're doomed, doomed I tell ye."

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