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The Choice Blog is a place where we will post interesting places, events, ideas and things that we've noticed whilst putting the magazine together. They may be things that will develop into stories or justa great cafe that we called in at on a trip that we though we'd share with you. Please share and comment on social media please.

Recent Posts

Clive in Arizona: Day 11

Just when you thought that you’ve seen it all, along comes something else to prove you wrong - London Bridge relocated to the desert of Arizona at Lake Havasu City. Fifty years ago the engineers dismantled the bridge over the Thames and shipped it over to Arizona and rebuilt it on dry land. Then, setting the diggers to work, they dug a channel and allowed water to flow under the arches once again. It was a crazy idea but somehow it worked and it’s been a huge tourist attraction ever since. ~Clive

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Clive in Arizona: Day 10

I’ve arrived in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, in time for the sunset cruise on the lake. Seeing a coyote and osprey was brilliant but what was best for me was the rock formation in the Whipple Mountains that look like a “Sleeping Indian”. That’s his face looking up on the left and his feet on the right. He has been sleeping forever and I’m guessing he must have been Mohave as this is their territory. Whatever his reason for being there, I have to admit he is one big Indian - about a mile from tip to toe.

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Clive in Arizona: Day 13

What a way to end my tour of Arizona! Date Night Dining in the date palm plantations just north of Yuma.

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Clive in Arizona: Day 12

Who would have thought that a Saguaro Cactus and an Ironwood Tree would have been best mates for more than 50 years. Well that’s the story here. I’ve travelled down to Yuma, Arizona right on the Mexican border and been shown this quirk of nature. The tree and cactus look after each other (symbiotic relationship) and although they’re slow growing, they’ve survived the extremes of nature and show no signs of divorce any time soon. Good for them. Clive

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