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Choice Blog

The Choice Blog is a place where we will post interesting places, events, ideas and things that we've noticed whilst putting the magazine together. They may be things that will develop into stories or justa great cafe that we called in at on a trip that we though we'd share with you. Please share and comment on social media please.

Recent Posts

Ditched diesel for hybrid

Paul and Sarah Wray live in south London with their three young children and have recently bought a Volvo XC90 T8 hybrid. "We need a big family car but we still wanted to do our bit for the environment," says Paul. The family's previous car was a diesel. "When we bought it, diesel cars were thought to be better for the environment. As we all know this has been proven not to be the case, so we kind of wanted to make up for that."

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Editors Letter: Summer days and cricket

I hope I haven't spoken too soon but we seem to have had some lovely weather this year. Let's hope it continues through the rest of the summer with a little gentle rain during the early hours to freshen things up. Speaking of rain, I was planning a day at the cricket complete with my birthday present, a man's cool bad containing my lunch. the night before, to my indignation, my wife said how she hoped it would rain the next day so that her gardening would be easier at the weekend.

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Drugs linked to dementia risk

In England, 1.5 to two million people are likely to be taking anticholinergics for depression, Parkinson's and bladder problems. University of East Anglia researchers found more cases of dementia in patients prescribed larger quantities of particular anticholinergics. But experts said patients should not stop taking them, as their benefits may outweigh any risk.

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The volunteers' view "It's a two-way thing"

Anne has been volunteering with Beanstalk since the end of 2017 at a primary school in Northampton "All my working life I worked with children. I first heard off Beanstalk when I was looking at the community Board in my local Tesco. There was flyer on the board advertising Beanstalk and I thought this was brilliant way of doing something worthwhile and sharing my love of reading books. 

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