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Choice Blog

The Choice Blog is a place where we will post interesting places, events, ideas and things that we've noticed whilst putting the magazine together. They may be things that will develop into stories or justa great cafe that we called in at on a trip that we though we'd share with you. Please share and comment on social media please.

Recent Posts

Neil Patrick: Social media adds to teacher's burden

Overworked teachers are now facing an added burden as they are now reachable by parents through social media. I'd guess most of the messages they receive are constructive, pleas from mums and dads trying to give their children the best that school can offer. Some are less pleasant, however, expressing outrage and anger about some injustice or other. Disturbing as this must be for teachers, it;s far less upsetting than what was known in my boyhood as "going up to school".

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Neil Patrick: School Assemblies Reassessed

When I heard that the future of the school assembly as we used to know it is being debated, I felt a tinge of regret. For many of us morning assembly was where you got a sense of your school as a whole. Nippers seated at the front witnessed huge fourth-formers trooping in, knowing that one day, they would be seniors.

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Swan's Nest Blog

On a tour of the Forest of Dean, I spotted this pretty lady stretching her legs. After hours of sitting on the nest, sometimes you’ve just gotta have a stretch. I could only see one egg in the nest but I was some way off as she had built the nest on a little island of reeds about 20 yards offshore. Hopefully there might be more. The expectant father was cruising the lake ready to repel boarders and seemed quite attentive. It was a beautiful sight and I wish them, and their future family, the best of luck.

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Clive Goes Hiking in Tuscany 3

Gently rolling hills, wild flower meadows and a light warming breeze, just perfect for our first walk in the Tuscan countryside. Just a few miles from Lucca, we’re taking a circular route, starting and finishing at a vineyard. Sounds promising! Clive

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