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Welcome to Choice

Welcome to Choice Magazine Britain’s leading independent magazine for women and men over 50. We help readers defend their financial, health and relationship assets and provide inspiration to help them enjoy life. This website gives a glimpse of the modern, glossy and colourful editorial available every month as well as providing links for paper or digital subscriptions. Enjoy Choice…and life.

Money & Rights

Interest-only mortgages: are you sitting on a timebomb?

If you bought a home in the Eighties or Nineties, you may have signed up to an interest-only mortgage.
These types of home-loan- in which you paid just the interest on the sum you borrowed- were common at the time. the idea was that at the same time as taking out the mortgage, you put money away into an investment. Hopefully this would grow strongly enough to pay off lal the capital you had borrowed at the end of the mortgage term.
Although you would still have an outstanding sum owing to the lender, you would be able to clear the debt using the assets  from your linked investment, known as an endowment.

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Enjoy Life

Interior Design: Wedding bells on a budget

Pallet Signs

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Tracking the hidden cancer

Fifteen people are diagnosed every day in the UK with multiple myeloma. In two months, three of them will be dead.

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A taste of paradise in Puglia

The leaden skies can't diminish the beauty of the small harbour.

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Nana Mouskouri "Music brings me peace, love and hope"

Eleven years ago Choice interviewed the international singing star Nana Mouskouri as she prepared for the final stages of what had been a three-year farewell tour.

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Current Issue

July 2018

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