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Welcome to Choice Magazine Britain’s leading independent magazine for women and men over 50. We help readers defend their financial, health and relationship assets and provide inspiration to help them enjoy life. This website gives a glimpse of the modern, glossy and colourful editorial available every month as well as providing links for paper subscriptions. Enjoy Choice…and life.

Money & Rights

Make your home dementia-friendly

The Alzheimer's Society estimates that by 2025, the number of people with dementia in the UK will top one million, and as the condition has become more widespread thankfully our understanding of it has dramatically increased.
Where memory loss was once believed to be a natural part of ageing, we now know this is not always the case. It is, in fact, a key early sign of dementia, alongside other associated symptoms such as confusion, poor judgement and difficulty with movement.

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Claire Foy "I didn't get life until I was 32"

It is quite a leap from playing the much-loved Queen of England to a paranoid mentally-ill patient or a ruthless dysfunctional assassin, but Claire Foy, an actress whose time seems to have come at last, was anything but phased by these recent abrupt changes of role; quite the reverse in fact.

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Enjoy Life

Eat Continental and live longer

As each summer comes around and we eventually migrate back to lighter, healthier foods away from the comfort-eating pies, puddings and casseroles of the colder months, the term Mediterranean or Continental Diet can be heard being bandied around, as frequently as the songs of the summer birds that also return to

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Sicily revisited

I'm weaving through the narrow streets of Ragusa in my little hire car. At every junction, I take the turn that looks like it will take me further uphill.

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Public underestimating summer heat risks

- Independent Age launches ‘Summer wise’ guide to help older people stay safe in hot weather –

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June 2019

Profile: Joan Baez

Special: D-Day 75th anniversary

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