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A life-affirming book... about death

Most of us prefer not to even think about our mortality, let alone talk about it to our families and tell them what we would like to happen at our funeral.

Having a plan an give you peace of mind that your life will be marked in the way you would like. It can also make it much easier for the ones you leave behind as they just have to follow your wished rather than guess (and perhaps argue) about what they think you wanted.

That said, it isn't easy to overcome the taboo. Nicola Dela-Croix's new book, Celebrate your life- The optimistic guide to creating your own unique and truly personal funeral ceremony, is a sympathetic and helpful guide to getting over that taboo. While it gives an 'insider's' view of all the options available for more personalised farewells- and why we need them- it is much, more than just a guide to planning your own funeral. It's an uplifting, optimistic book about life- appreciating who we are, our unique value in the world, finding meaning in our mortality and how we want to be remembered when our time comes. 

Nicola spent 15 years as a magazine journalist and editor before becoming a celebrant. Most of the Choice team know Nicola form this time, and during her second career have attended funerals where she has presided. In that role she is respectful, articulate and uplifting- a rare skill at such an emotional time. 

The book lives up to Nicola's skills. It is written in an informative, entertaining way. It's also relevant to absolutely everyone, as we will all be dealing with these issues at some point in our lives. And Nicola's optimistic approach shows how acknowledging our morality and thinking about these issues can bring meaning to life in a really positive way. It's the most life-affirming book about funeral ceremonies you'll ever read. 

It's available from Amazon as a paperback or e-book

You can find out more about Nicola on her website, by clicking here

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