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A gentleman's guide to spring fashion

Christoper Legard, managing director of menswear specialist Joseph Turner, gives expert advice on how to wear three of the trends you'll be seeing in 2018

Spring is a time for new beginnings so, this year, why not bring some fresh ideas into your wardrobe?

There's a commonly help misconception that older men should avoid the world of high fashion. On the contrary, however as we grow old we often become more comfortable in our own skin, and develop a better understanding of our personal taste ans style.

Retirement brings with it more time to devote to looking and feeling stylish, so there;s never a better time to start experimenting with new looks.

While wearing the newest styles can seem tricky, there are plenty of ways to make them wearable. I've compiled a guide to some of the key menswear trends for spring 2018, including some advice on how to wear the most fashionable new colours, prints and fabrics.

Spring into fashion with pastel colours

Pastel colours really capture the essence of spring. This year, pale shades are set to be a leading trend and, with shades like soft yellow, duck-egg blue, blush pink, and pale mint green on offer, the choices are endless. Versatile and easy to style, pastel shades are a simple way to add a touch of spring to your wardrobe- no matter what the weather is like outside.

Although it may seem like a difficult palette to wear, dressing in pastels couldn't be simpler: a casual shirt in a pale blue or pink shade never goes out of style. or if you like to stand out form the crowd, you could even be daring and go for a pair of chinos or tailored slacks in a light pastel fabric.

If you like the idea of pastels, but you're concerned you'll end up looking like an Easter egg, go for small, subtle splashes of colour instead. a tie is a great way to add a pastel shade to your wardrobe without going overboard: I'd recommend choosing one in a pale sage green. 

Bring on the sun with golden yellow tones

If your current wardrobe is stuck in a rut and you find you tend to stick to the same dark colours day in and day out, make 201 the year you bring some sunshine into your outfits.

Bold, golden mustard tones are the perfect way to add a dash of vibrant colour to your spring wardrobe, and they're set to be one of this year's biggest menswear trends. While bright yellow tones can seem a bit intimidating at first, they're actually very versatile and wearable. In fact, yellow is one of the easiest colours to style, because it complements other colours so well.

To make the most of this cheerful colour, try stepping out in a yellow V-neck jumper with a pair of dark coloured slacks or chinos. A mustard jumper will look great underneath a fitted jacket or blazer, too, so it;s the perfect style for layering.

If you're feeling really bold, try combining two of his year's top trends with a pair of corduroy trousers in a golden yellow colour. Wear yours with a simple cream or khaki shirt, and a pair of brown or tan brogues. just remember to limit yourself to one item of yellow clothing per outfit- it''s easy to go overboard with such a strong look.

Whether you're an avid follower of fashion or just wear whatever suits your personal tastes, there area plenty of easy ways to bring a touch of spring style into your wardrobe. With these simple, wearable takes on some of his season's leading trends, you'll be stepping out in style throughout 2018

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