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Interior Design: Wedding bells on a budget

Recently married Helen Goddard suggests ways of making that big day special without breaking the bank

Pallet Signs

When we got married in April this year we had three separate pallet signs (and then half a pallet sign for directions!) which were so easy to make and I've heard of friends spending a small fortune on professionals doing it for them! Here's how it's done.

You will need: 

A tester pot of off-white paint or leftover white paint,

A tester pot of black paint

Faux flowers

To Create

1) To get the rustic effect, we white washed some of the pallets. This is an incredibly simple technique of watering down your white paint and applying a thin coat to the pallet.

2) You can build up the coats if you prefer and don't panic if you become a little heavy-handed; sandpaper can tone it back down again!

3) We had a welcome sign and order of the day sign, which we adorned with some faux flowers, and finally a snuggle-up sign covered in blankets for when it got cooler later in the evening!

4) Using the same techniques we made our direction sign and our mini 'beer barra' sign; personal touches which were complimented on throughout the day. 



It was incredibly simple to make the hoopla, and it involved drinking a couple of bottles of prosecco in the lead up to the big day!

You will need: 

Rust-Oleum metallic finish spray (we used White gold and Gold)

A crate.

To Create

1) We white washed the crate, as per the technique on the pallets above, just to make sure it fitted in wth the rustic decor theme

2) We then simply sprayed our glass bottles hald in the whie gold, half in the gold for an effective and simple garden game.(The beauty of the Rust-Oleum sprays is that you can spray directly ono the glass with no need for a priimer!)

3) We finished with rings, which we wrapped in twine for the full rustic effect. 


Table plans

I managed to het my hands on large canvas for only a couple of punds from the internet so I planned to make my own table plan!

This was so simple yet effective, one roll of wood panel wallpaper stapled into place and hey presto, and effective and easy way to direct you guests to their seats. 


Floral Hanging Frame

We loved the idea of creating a picture frame for peoples' pictures ad this turned out really well. We used the same chalk paint techniques as above, this time without the chalkboard backing, then assembled the frame with some fresh flowers and rope to hang in place. 


Dessert Table

I loved the idea of having lots of sweet treats for later in the evening, so we created this amazing dessert table. I used some faux grass for the effect and then some personalised wooden naming mats.

You will need: 

Small wooden rings

Wood oil or varnish

Chalkboard paint

To Create

1) We coated our wooden rings in wood oil (we used black-friar danish oil) to enhanced protect the natural colouring of the wood ten, once dry, applied the chalkboard paint in a circle to the top.

2) We chalked out various dessert types, of brownies, cookies and flapjacks, onto our homemade signs and they finished our dessert table perfectly!


Garden Games

These were a popular want to keep guests entertained while the photographs were taking place.

You will need: 

Old picture frames

Chalk Paints (we used hessian and the metallic gold from Rust-Oleum)


Sanding pads

chalkboard paint (we used the Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint).

To Create

1) Remove the glass from the picture frames and paint the backing board in the chalkboard paint. this will require two coats

2) Paint your frames in the hessian chalkboard paint (we applied two coats). Once dry use your sanding pads to create a rustic and aged effect around the detailing on your frames

3) Finally, for a touch of glamour, we dry brushed some gold metallic furniture paint onto the intricate detailing on the frames (this technique is done by simply removing as much as the paint from your brush using towelling paper, and then dabbing it into the desired place

4) Assemble your frame back together (without the glass) and chalk your sign!. 

Helen is the managing director of Wear Valley Decorating Centre and is an interior design consultant.She offers a range of wallpapers, paints, DIY tools and inspiration from her website and store in County Durham. With several years experience, Helen knows a thing or two about decorating and the up-cycling trend. Check out her website:

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