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How to take care of your hair over-50

By Trish McMorine, hairdresser at retirement living community, Auchlochan Garden Village

In my job, I get to see a variety of lovely ladies and gentlemen who are all enjoying their retirement in the beautiful surroundings of the Scottish countryside. While every one of my customers is different – as are we all – there are some recurring issues that we see with our hair as we age.

Everyone knows that our hair colour changes but what many people might not expect to discover are the other changes, too. When you encounter new problems, such as dryness or thinning for example, for the first time in your life, it can be difficult to know how to suitably change up your routine. Here, I outline some of my top tips on caring for maturing hair.

1) Condition regularly

One of the main things many people see when they get older is the changing texture of their hair. If you have fine hair, it will probably become even finer and if it’s thick, it tends to feel a bit coarser. This is because our oil glands stop producing as much sebum when we age.

Whatever your hair type, all hair tends to get drier which means that we might need to give it a bit more care than we once did. For my clients in the village who come in every week, I normally give their hair a really good condition and sometimes leave this in for a while, to combat this touch of dryness. Conditioner provides the nutrients hair needs to get it back to its glossy best.

2) Don’t be afraid to try something new

While there are a few classic looks that are very popular, we also shouldn’t be afraid to have fun and try something new every now and again! Just recently, a few of the ladies in my salon got a pink wash for our breast cancer awareness day. Also remember that, because of the changes your hair has been through, it might be that a new style would suit your finer or coarser hair a lot better– so don’t be scared to branch out and see if another style takes your fancy. Hairdressers are always able to help and offer advice if you’re unsure whether something would suit you or not.

3) Take a trip to the salon

Many of my clients come into the salon every week or every fortnight to get a wash and set or a little trim – and this keeps them looking and feeling great. Of course, if you’re thinking about dyeing your hair, I would always recommend going to the hairdresser to do any colouring, as our hair becomes delicate as you age which can make dyeing riskier at home.

With the ladies here at the village who come in regularly, not only do I make sure their hair is being looked after properly and isn’t drying out, but we also have a lovely natter. This can be a great way for them to unwind and relax if they’re feeling a bit under the weather. Stress can have a dramatic effect on ageing, and greying and losing hair can be some of these side effects, so it’s important to make sure you’re feeling your best, to look your best. If, like my clients, you are retired, this is the time to pamper yourself and indulge in some well-earned TLC. It’s the perfect time to kick back, relax and take care yourself - both on the outside and in!

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