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Keeping fit and healthy with the Green goddess Part 2

Keeping in trim with the Green Goddess. I

n the second of a two-part series, model, fitness expert and journalist Diana Moran shares tips on keeping fit and healthy after 50. 

Do you follow the trends in make-up or do you think women should find the look that suits them and stick with it?
I’ve never followed a trend! I love make-up and know what suits me and enjoy my routine, which I repeat daily. I will add a bit more in the evening if I am going out and on high days and holidays.

You were the poster girl for Oil Of Ulay, do you still use it and what other anti-ageing beauty tips
do you have?
I’ve used Oil of Ulay since I was a young girl – my mumused it! I did an ad for them when I was in my 40s and launched their anti-ageing creamProVital when I was 56. They do a day cream and a night cream
and both are really reasonably priced. I’ve never used any other type of creams or lotions, as these are perfect for my slightly sensitive skin.

As you see women get older, including friends, what three bits of advice would you give them to grow older glamorously?
Keep out of the sun, have a good haircut and watch your weight.

We know fitness has been your passion but have you ever had to follow a diet?
I’ve never followed a diet as such but do watch what I eat.Myweakness is chocolate
– especially dark chocolate liqueurs! I need to watch that I don’t have much in the house as I could easily over-indulge. 

Where’s your favourite place to shop?
Primark and Tesco’s have some amazingly good clothes at great prices. I shop at both quite a bit and often get comments about my clothes. I also love the small local shops near my home – they have some
cheap and cheerful things that are also nice and individual.

We know you enjoyed your time performing inCalendar Girls, what other projects are you working on right now?
I’m busy promoting the messages in my books surrounding healthy living through talks, literary festivals and networking events. Beating Osteoporosis is my latest book, and I wrote it in conjunction
with the Royal Osteoporosis Society. Sod Sitting, Get Moving is one I wrote alongside Professor Muir Gray to support Public Health England’s campaign. The other 50per cent ofmy time is spent
supporting charities – I’m ambassador for seven. I was humbled and honoured to be awarded the British Empire Medal in recognition of my charitable work this year.

What do you do to relax?
I paint in oils and acrylics. I have done hundreds of paintings, mostly landscapes, riverscapes and animals. I forget everything else when I’m painting and time just goes by. In my younger years I won a scholarship to art college but my father dissuaded me and suggested I train for a ‘proper job’. So I went to the College of Commerce and did Business Studies with shorthand and typing: I have to say those skills stood me in good stead for my journalism and media work.

You have osteopenia – the early stage of osteoporosis. What were your symptoms and how are you helping yourself now?
A couple of years ago I had a DEXA scan which revealed I had osteopenia, the pre-cursor to osteoporosis. I was 78 and initially felt very annoyed as I’d done so much activity and exercise in my life and was still very active and following a healthy diet. I decided to do what I could to counter it.
Around that time I heard about Marodyne LiV – a new device that sends low intensity vibrations through your body to stimulate bone-forming cells. I gave it a try and absolutely love the gentle vibrations, which
feel like a purring cat! It’s really easy to use – you just stand on it for ten minutes a day and let it work its magic.
■ For more information regarding Marodyne LiV
visit: (

Written by: Sue Moxley is one of the UK’s leading beauty experts; her career as a successful makeup artist took her around the world and she was the trusted artist for many celebrities. Sue branched into beauty journalism and was beauty editor of a national newspaper as well as other publications. She has also hosted several makeover shows on national television. She currently has a brand of beauty accessories and cosmetics in Tesco Extra stores and online: (

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