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Sponsored Post- GOPO Supplements

Not too long ago actor, presenter and reality TV personality Larry Lamb wouldn’t have thought that his knees would have allowed him to spend 19 days in the harsh conditions of the Australian jungle. Years of wear and tear on his joints had taken its toll on his knees, which meant that even day to day tasks and exercise were taxing, and left him in severe pain.

This winter Larry partnered with supplement brand GOPO® to produce a short online video, where he goes into detail regarding the discomfort he had been facing. Larry explains that he regularly struggled to keep up with his schedule because of the pain he was experiencing, and says that he would have struggled in the I’m a Celeb jungle were it not for the relief GOPO® Joint Health brought him.

Click here to see the video of Larry Lamb speaking about the positive effects GOPO® Joint Health has on his joint pain.

We’re all familiar with the effects of joint pain. The frosty mornings, the damp, the shock of the heat on cold bones. Whether it’s hands, feet, shoulders or knees, joint pain is a continuous battle which is hard to shake.

Consultant Rheumatologist Dr Rod Hughes says, “People who suffer from arthritis may experience increased pain and stiffness during colder months. This may be because low barometric pressure has a physical impact on the joints or that it encourages inflammation making joint movement more painful. In addition, during cold weather, the body focuses on circulating blood around the core and major organs and away from muscles and joints. As a result, the joints may seem less flexible.”

Like others before him, Larry has seen significant improvement in his health and a decrease in pain after using GOPO®.“[Strictly Come Dancing judge ]Arlene Phillips recommended GOPO® to me,” Larry says in the video. “Like me, she’d been suffering with joint pain and was unable to dance. Two years on and I don’t have any pain in my knees.”

GOPO® is a naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory agent isolated from the seeds and husks of fruit from a sub- species of Rosa canina (rose-hip). Scientists have found that GOPO® can prevent the migration of inflammatory cells thought to be involved in triggering and maintaining joint inflammation.


1. Over-the-counter medications, nutritional supplements and other complementary medicines are increasingly popular amongst people with arthritis and a wide range of options are available. A promising natural option which research suggests has significant anti-inflammatory and clinical benefits - potentially even helping cartilage and joint tissues to rebuild and regeneratex - is GOPO®, a galactolipid derived from rosehip. 

2. Keep active where possible. Take regular, gentle exercise like walking, swimming and yoga to keep your joints, the supporting muscles and ligaments strong and supple. This can help improve the range of movement of your joint, reduce stiffness and help with energy levels. Exercise and eating a healthy balanced diet will also help in maintaining your ideal body weight, as being overweight places additional strain on the joints. 

3. Don’t forget to look after your mental health. Living with joint pain has been associated with increased prevalence of depression, so if you notice you are feeling low or are worried about your mood you can seek support from your GP or healthcare professional. Charities such as Arthritis Research UK can also offer help and advice. 

If you’d like to find out more on GOPO® and how it could help you with joint pain, visit the GOPO® website at

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