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Relaxation Tape and Daily Yoga Video


Choice's resident yoga teacher Gail Willis talks you through some relaxation techniques for a stress free summer

Gail has recorded a relaxation 'tape' which Choice readers can listen to for free, by clicking the link at the bottom of this page, on YouTube.

The programme is designed to work alongside the relaxation exercises featured in our august issue of Choice. 

Gail is also doing a daily yoga video on the social media WhatsApp. It is four minutes long on every weekday and costs just £20 for the month. 

If you would like to subscribe to this, you should contact her by phoning 01536 515311 or (mobile) 07762 575118. Gail will require a person's mobile number and name to add them to the group and they would have to have WhatsApp on their mobile. 

"I would then text them my bank details for the money subscription" Gail says. "Then they would receive daily videos of four minutes long for the working week. The lovely thing about WhatsApp is they have the videos available whenever people want to view and do them and will build up a library of moves which they will have forever- rather like a yoga book. 

"So that I can keep an eye on people getting the full month, I will start it on August 10, giving them the chance to contact me and get WhatsApp on their mobile. And if there are any further requests, I can do the same in September and onwards." 

Gail added: "My local ladies have been downloading onto their iPads/computers for a bigger screen"

Click here to view the video


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