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Cheers! Drink plenty of water this Spring

 From warmer days to sugary treats, Easter is a time to indulge and spend time with loved ones. However, amidst the chocolate eggs, hot cross buns that seem to go on throughout the spring, our hydration levels may take a hit with LC Kitechen revealing that sugar increases your body’s water needs due to the amount of water required to metabolise it. Yet with data by air up, the hydration experts, revealing that almost HALF of Brits only drink one glass of water a day, Lena Jüngst - Co-founder and Chief Evangelist of air up - unveils top tips on staying hydrated with minimal effort: 

Drink before you’re thirsty
"To stay hydrated it’s important to make sure your water levels are constantly being topped up throughout the day. While outdoors, these levels are depleted at a much faster rate and we might not even realise we’re thirsty until we’re at the point of dehydration, so it’s important to make sure to drink at regular intervals throughout the day." 

Be aware of how much water you’re consuming
"Although taking sips of water here and there is great, it’s better to be aware of exactly how much we’re consuming to be sure we’re actually getting as much water as we need. It’s all too easy to feel as though we’re drinking litres of water whilst takings small sips but in reality, sometimes this only equates to a glass or so a day. Carrying a water bottle and setting a goal of how many of these you are drinking throughout the day ensures that this does not happen."

Keep water with you at all times
"It's important to remember to pack our water bottles to make sure we’re not caught out in the sun without any access to water. Carrying a bottle of water (e.g. our air up bottle) provides us with instant hydration as and when we need it."

Enjoy what you’re drinking!
"A third of the nation have told us that they find water boring so they don’t drink it often. This Easter weekend, it’s more important than ever to get Brits drinking water to keep everyone safe. If you don’t like water, drinking as many fluids as possible such as squash, tea, or better yet plain water that tricks our senses into tasting flavour, keeps our water levels up and keeps us safe in the sun."

Key stats:

45% (23,152,000) of Brits drink around one glass of water a day

25% of Brits (12,600,000) don’t know that a healthy water intake helps stave off weight gain

30% (15,701,000) of Brits find water boring so they don’t often drink it

29% (14,814,000) of Brits have tried, without success, to drink more water

The world first in drinks technology is here to educate the masses, quench our thirst, and cut out these chemical nasties without sacrificing the flavours we crave, providing a healthy, cheaper alternative for the 37% of Brits struggling to find just that. The unique design and innovation utilises retronasal smell to provide a better, more interesting way to get our favourite flavours while drinking 100% pure water and educating Brits on the copious amounts of sugar they consume in their current favourite soft drinks.

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