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New app to revolutionise repeat prescriptions

Online app eliminates time wasted at GP surgeries and pharmacies 

Pharmacists Chris Turner and Andrew Bailey have launched a unique app that allows users to order repeat prescriptions whenever and wherever from their smartphone or tablet. The DIMEC pharmacy app is free to download, easy to use and prescriptions are delivered for free.

The app enables anytime prescription ordering, meaning that people with NHS repeat prescriptions can order them any time, day or night, from their iPhone or Android.

“These days everything is online and mobile, and there’s no reason why repeat prescription ordering should be any different,” explained Chris Turner, co-owner of DIMEC Pharmacy. “Healthcare adapts to the advancements in technology and we felt it was time that pharmacy also moved with the times.

“With the app there’s no more waiting on hold to GP surgeries during their opening hours or standing around waiting in pharmacies. You can order your repeat from the comfort of your own home or while you’re on-the-go.”

The secure app has pin protected login details. It is quick and easy to add key details, including selecting your GP surgery and adding your medicines. Benefits include real-time push notifications directly to your phone providing updates on the request and customisable reminders to make sure you never miss a dose. The app is available to everyone, whether or not you pay, pre-pay or are exempt from prescription charges. Prescriptions will be received in a matter of days to an address of your choice and delivery is free.

DIMEC Pharmacy is based at Keele University Science and Innovation Park. The Keele University pharmacy graduates raised £100,000 through investment to develop the app, including attracting support from Chee Wong, the former chief technology officer at music streaming app Shazam.

Andrew added: “Pharmacy needs to be more convenient to fit in with today’s busy lifestyles. Medicine is there to take away the burden of the disease or health condition and to make it easier for people to function - they don’t need the extra stress of having to wait two days for their repeat prescription, then taking time off work to queue in a pharmacy. The Dimec app is fast, free, convenient and safe.”

What do you think to this app? Would you try something like this?

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