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Lift transforms arthritis sufferer’s life

The Husband of an arthritis sufferer has spoken about how installing a home lift in their property has transformed his wife’s life.

Betty Major, 84, was finding that climbing the stairs was becoming increasingly difficult and painful due to rheumatoid arthritis of the knee.

With the help of partner, Don, 80, it was sometimes taking up to around 30 minutes for Betty to reach the upstairs of their house.

The couple, from Warfield in Berkshire, had already decided that they did not want to invest in a stairlift, so they investigated the possibility of having a domestic lift installed as an alternative.

Don came across an electric home lift online – by a company called Stiltz – that, unlike a conventional lift, does not use hydraulics and plugs straight into the wall using a normal power socket.

The lift required no supporting wall as it travelled on dual rails meaning it could be positioned almost anywhere in the Majors’ home.

Don told Choice : “We knew about stairlifts but we wanted something that didn’t disfigure our home.

“We had the lift fitted in our utility room downstairs as it was directly below our bedroom so it was the ideal place.

“Something had to be done to help my wife with her condition and the home lift covered all our needs. It took a day-and-a-half to install and has transformed our lives. Now all Betty has to do is simply open the lift door, pull the lever and press the button. The lift takes seconds to get up to the bedroom and is also very quiet, too. My wife couldn’t be without it now.”

Taken from our December 2015 Issue

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