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Is Anthony Wright the world’s worst patient?

Anthony Wright is a specialist in Neuroplasticity. He is an author, management trainer and public speaker - delivering talks on recovery from health issues, plus Neuroplasticity (improving brain functionality). He has filmed a video series on Neuroplasticity for the Chartered Institute of Personal Development and will be speaking at their London conference.

Anthony Wright had an extended three month stay in hospital due to a brain tumour and was later moved to a specialist rehabilitation unit to learn to walk. On his own admission it was a bit like a cross between `Carry on Nurse` and `The Great Escape`.

Just a week into the new unit Anthony wanted to use their gym in order to exercise to get better; he was told that no one was available to assist him and that he couldn’t attend the gym alone. The following day (when still in a wheelchair) he broke into their gym and started using equipment. Of course he hadn’t spotted security cameras so this did not remain a secret for very long. This was just the beginning.      

Typically during the morning sessions a shower was provided and due to his impaired balance a nurse would always be in attendance, just in case. Inevitably shower fights followed, though Anthony often says he doesn’t remember winning too many of them.

The afternoon sessions usually contained physical activity to assist with rehabilitation; Anthony particularly remembers teaching indoor golf to the nurses. But there was an indoor pool and conventional gym sessions too.

The evenings were supposed to be quiet relaxation in front of the TV, but not always. The rehabilitation unit was a modern, 24 hour security building with cameras and electronic doors. So an off duty nurse was a little surprised to find him in a local pub one night 2 miles outside the hospital. Fortunately she remained silent about this escape attempt and nobody ever found out. 

Despite the obvious shenanigans, it is interesting to note after leaving the unit that Christmas cards were exchanged along with invitations to the staff parties. Maybe the staff forgave him after all? 

To find out more about Anthony, his story and his book visit 

Have you had an extended stay in hospital? Were you as badly well behaved as Anthony? 

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