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Advertorial: Sleep one of the three pillars of good health

Consult any Doctor and they will tell you that diet, exercise and sleep are the three pillars of good health. We spend a mind boggling amount of money on diets and exercise but a surprising number of us put up with night after night of poor quality sleep.

One of the most commonly held misconceptions about getting older is that we need less sleep. Research shows that sleep needs remain relatively constant during adulthood but problems getting to sleep and staying asleep increase with age. We know that sleep plays a crucial part in our health and wellbeing; getting enough good quality sleep can help keep us feeling and looking younger.

So, if you’re a Choice reader looking for a way to get more good quality sleep to counteract the effects of ageing what can you do? A regular bedtime routine, avoiding caffeine, not eating too late, keeping electronic devices out of the bedroom, getting the temperature right (not too hot), and making sure you are as comfortable as possible. This last one is where the Gx Suspension PillowTM can make a real difference.

With their unique internal ties, Gx Suspension Pillows keep their shape to support your head and neck all night long. No more waking up in the middle of the night to punch your pillows back into life. Rather than spreading out and flattening down like a conventional hollow fibre, foam, or feather and down pillow, the internal tie mean the Gx Pillow pulls in and up as you lay your head on it. The filling stays in place and the pillow cradles you in supreme comfort from dusk until dawn ensuring you wake up rested, re-energised and ready for the day. We like to think of it as the pillow that hugs you back. You can read more about the amazing Gx Pillows story on the website.

Investing a few pounds the Gx Suspension Pillow might just be the best decision you make this year. At £27 each, and extra savings for twin and family packs, Gx Pillows has put quality pillows in everyone’s price range, buy yours now at

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