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45-54 year olds worst offenders for texting and driving

Research reveals 55% of motorists still admit to using their phone while behind the wheel ahead of proposed new government regulations

· Men are more likely to use their phone while driving than women

· 45 – 54 year olds more likely to chat on the phone than any other age group

· 25 – 34 year olds are more likely to check their social media that17 – 24 year olds when driving.

· Women are more likely to check social media while driving than men

UK car and van insurance specialist Staveley Head has been quizzing the nation to learn how many driving sins people would be prepared to admit to, and to find out once and for all which drivers are the UK’s most dangerous.

So Staveley Head launched an anonymous online ‘Confessions of the Road’ tool to discover how many driving faux-pas UK motorists would admit to committing.

Whilst Staveley Head discovered that van driving women are the worst motorists in the UK, they also discovered a shocking amount of UK motorists admitted to using their phones behind the wheel despite existing laws and proposed new government regulations.

So far, 2,500 motorists have completed the quiz, confessing to the following sins, and the results so far are very surprising…

Have You Ever…

1. Exceeded the legal speed limit?

2. Shouted at, sworn at or insulted another driver?

3. Undertaken another vehicle on the motorway?

4. Changed lanes without indicating?

5. Driven through a red light?

6. Parked across double yellow lines

7. Used your phone whilst driving (not hands free)?

8. Driven without wearing a seatbelt?

9. Had a drink and driven, without knowing if you were over the legal limit?

10. Thrown rubbish out of your window while on the road?

11. Wolf-whistled or cat-called from a vehicle?

12. Accidently clipped or scratched another car and driven off?

13. Used snapchat or another social networking app while driving?

14. Purposefully driven through a puddle to splash pedestrians?

15. Recorded yourself or others using a smartphone whilst driving?

16. Taken a selfie whilst driving?

17. Taken drugs and driven?

The results.

The results showed that despite the known dangers of using mobile phones while driving and proposed harsher penalties for those who do, UK motorists are unable to keep off their phones while behind the wheel.

Just last month, it was announced that new legislation regarding using your phone whilst driving is expected to come into play in the new year, meaning drivers will receive six points on their license and face a £200 fine when caught – double the current penalty of three points and a £100 fine. Regardless of this, over half of women who have taken part admit to using their phone behind the wheel alongside 55% of men.

Our ‘Have You Ever’ confessions revealed that women are the worst offenders when checking Facebook and Instagram while on the road with one third confessing to doing so. Almost 1 in 5 (19%) women also admitted to taking a selfie while driving, whereas a sensible 90% of men say they have never done this.

Surprisingly the data revealed that the tech savvy 17 – 24 age group were not the worst offenders for using their phones while driving. 45 – 54 year olds were found to be the worst for chatting on the phone while driving with over two thirds confessing to this driving sin, and 25 – 34 age group are more likely to check their Facebook or Instagram as 54% admitted to checking their social media accounts while behind the wheel.

Almost 1 in 5 (19%) of 25 – 34 year old drivers were also the most likely to take a selfie behind the wheel closely followed by 17 – 34 year olds (18%). Builders most likely to use their phone while driving

Ashley Peters, Managing Director at Staveley Head, says: “We were surprised by some of the results from the survey. As an insurer of thousands of commercial vehicles every year, we know that the majority of drivers are extremely careful on the roads. However, of those who completed the survey, we did discover groups who freely admitted to speeding, using their phone while on the move and even potentially driving whilst under the influence of alcohol. It goes without saying that we would always recommend people take the upmost care behind the wheel and that they abide by all the laws of the road at all times.

Recently, the government announced new legislation which will double the points and fines given to those who use their phone whilst driving. The new legislation doesn’t come in to effect until next year; however we hope that by raising awareness of inappropriate driver behaviour we can help to make road users think twice before reaching for their phones.”

So now it's your turn! Have you ever driven over the legal speed limit? Changed lanes without indicating? Taken a selfie whilst driving? Or clipped another person’s car and driven away?

Let us know what you think and share your experiences with us and others. Just follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+, Instagram and YouTube<

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