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Craft Corner - A great Easter basket

Our craft expert Sara Davies suggests a charming Easter Gift. 

Free printable Papers and embellishments
from (
White card 300gsm for basket construction
Printable white card for embellishments
Spectrum Noir illustrators or alcohol markers
3D glue gel
Red line tape
Mini eggs

To create
1 Print out one piece of 300gsmwhite card with a contrasting paper pattern on each side to make your card double sided. On your lighter, printable white card, print a selection of elements to use as embellishments

2 Cut your double-sided card to 7 1⁄2 x 71⁄2 ins. This will leave you with a piece left over for your handle. Score the 71⁄2 in square at 21⁄2 and 5ins, turn 90 degrees and score again at 21⁄2 and 5ins. Your card will now be scored into three rows with three squares on each row. On the top and bottom rows, cut
down the score lines to meet the central row as shown

3 Fold on all the score lines then bring in both of the outer sections to create the points of your basket. Once you have this shape on both sides, secure with red line tape to create your basic basket shape

4 Create a handle from the spare piece of double-sided card. Cut one strip to 1 x 71⁄2 ins, reverse the card pattern and cut a second piece to 1⁄2 x 71⁄2 ins, then adhere the two together. Gently bend and secure to your basket with red line tape

5 Cut out your selection of printable elements leaving a thin white border around each to give a more
professional finish. Colour any flower elements with your markers

6 Arrange and adhere your elements to the front of your basket with 3D glue gel. Add a ribbon bow to the handle, and fill your basket with tissue and some mini Easter eggs.

If the recipient is not keen on chocolate, why not fill your basket with mini soaps, a bath bombs, fudge, or mini cookies!


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