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Air up

We are set to face yet another summer with record breaking temperatures, say weather experts. With the hottest start to the season approaching, we are preparing how to spend our time in the summer sun.   

One thing that can be guaranteed is our hydration habits tend to go out the window. With dehydration the source of a variety of health issues, from anxiety to fainting spells, it has been revealed by hydration experts, air up that 45% of Brits only drink one glass of water a day. 

Staying hydrated optimises our bodily functions as water is used to transport nutrients around our bodies. Yet for many of us, we tend to reach for our favourite sugared drinks over a glass of water when socialising in the sun.

The importance of staying hydrated is often associated with exercise and when it is the height of summer. In reality however, our necessity to stay hydrated extends to all times of the year, with the NHS recommending six to eight glasses of water a day. To inspire those who struggle to reach their recommended daily intake of water, air up utilises retronasal smell to provide water which tastes flavoured. 

Research from air up also shows that 30% of Brits find water boring and as such, do not drink it often. Further to this, 12% say that their sugar addiction stems from sugary drinks, with 27% stating that their addiction to sugary drinks has had a detrimental impact on their health. The implications of this mean we may end up not reaching an adequate daily intake of water, and as such, can suffer from dehydration, alongside weight gain and even tooth decay. 

Key Stats:

45% of Brits admit to only drinking ONE glass of water a day

30% find water boring so they don’t drink it much

27% of Brits say their addiction to sugary drinks has had a detrimental impact on their health (i.e. teeth decay/ weight gain/ dehydration) 

23% of Brits believe that sugary food has a higher concentration of sugar than drinks 

22% of Brits say sugar is their biggest vice in life 

12% of Brits say that their sugar addiction stems from sugary drinks

What is air up?
This drinks technology is here to quench our thirst, and cut out those chemical nasties without sacrificing the flavours we crave, providing a healthy, cheaper alternative for the 37% of Brits struggling to find just that. The unique design and innovation utilises retronasal smell to provide a better, more interesting way to get our favourite flavours while drinking 100% pure water and educating Brits on the copious amounts of sugar they consume in their current favourite soft drinks.

What is retronasal smell? 
Studies have shown that up to 80% of the flavour we perceive comes from smell, not taste, which is why the smell of food is so linked to appetite and why people hold their nose when they eat or drink something unpleasant. When we eat or drink, flavour-filled air rises up to our nose and takes our senses beyond the five basic tastes of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. 

So how does air up work? 
air up harnesses this clever bit of science by infusing flavoured air into every sip of water from the bottle. One of 27 different flavours will be added in bubbles every time you drink and it is this that will give your 100% pure water its flavour. Each pod contains natural flavourings and scents that infuse with ambient air to be added to the pure water, these flavours range from Lime and Orange-Passionfruit to Cola and Iced Coffee with ten others in between.

Who came up with this idea?
The first prototype for air up was developed by Lena Jüngst and Tim Jäger in 2016 and spent three years in development, including a Master’s thesis on aromas, to combine innovative design and the neuroscience behind the idea and turn it into a real product. Since then, air up has successfully launched in Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, with more than one million customers already. Now Lena and the team are bringing this innovative way to drink water to the UK. 

Where can I buy one? 
air up’s reusable water bottles are available from their website. Including one bottle and three scent pods, is priced at £29.99 to £34.99 depending on the colour of the bottle. Each additional pack of three pods (flavouring a minimum of 15 litres of water) then costs between £5.99 to £8.99, depending on the flavour.

Have you got one or are planning to buy one? Let us know your thoughts. 

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