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Over 40s Named Most Successful Online Daters

Choice Magazine have teamed up with Older Dating to bring you this research on Dating over 40

New research by, who analysed over 1 million online dating memberships, revealed that over 40s are 313% more committed to online dating than the under 40s, making time multiple times a day to log in to their dating site profile. Is it time for the Tinder Generation to take note of the Silver Surfers? 

Knowing they’ve got to be in it to win it, the over 40s log in to their profiles 4.64 times on average a day compared to the under 40s who log in just 1.22 times per day. But it’s the over 60s who are the most committed to their cause, logging in to their profiles 5.46 times daily, proving themselves to be 88% more committed to finding what they're looking for than the average online dater. 

The Older The Dater, The Harder They Try 

The mature dating research goes on to show that singles over 40 are 127% more likely to have a more detailed profile than their younger counterparts, but it’s the over 70s showing everyone how it’s done, who are the most likely to have a detailed profile of all age groups. 

40 - 49 Year Olds - The Most Successful Online Daters 

Depending on the amount of effort and commitment put in, it can take any length of time to attract a mate using an online dating site, from a few weeks to a year. The over 40s are committing to dating online for an average of 290 days, 8% more than under 40s. Over 40s tend to take longer, forging relationships and friendships with people in similar situations as them, and spending time to get to know someone better before taking the next step with them.

The research showed that it’s those within the 40 - 49 age bracket who date for the shortest period. With membership lengths 11% less than the average online dater, the 40 somethings are finding love quicker than all other age groups.

This infographic helps sum up the main findings:

• Over 40s are 313% more committed to online dating. • Over 40s are 127% more likely to have a more detailed profile. • 40 - 49 year olds date for the shortest period, finding love quicker than all other ages. • 60+ log in to dating sites 88% more than the average online dater. height=

To Read the full Research Click Here

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What do you think to this research? Are you dating in later life? 

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