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Bambi in the Blenheim Bluebells

The Blenheim Estate, which surrounds the world-famous Blenheim Palace, is a rich haven of flora and fauna all year round - with magical moments awaiting the many visitors who explore the Parkland and woodlands.

Wildlife photographer Pete Seaward managed to capture one such gem - this stunning photograph of a fawn taking a break amongst the bluebells.

Pete recalls:During a recent visit to capture some bluebell wood photography, I was about to leave when I stumbled (almost literally) upon a bundle of cuteness. To my surprise the little fawn lay still and didn’t run away as I expected it to.

“It let me get really close and take several pictures and it was hard for me to believe it felt no threat from me. After about 10 minutes I thought it was time for me to leave the little Bambi to continue its peaceful time amongst the bluebells. Sometimes wildlife photography is full of heart warming surprises. It certainly made my day!”⁠

Discover your own magical moment and with a visit to Britain’s Greatest Palaceand its stunning grounds -


Photo Credit: Pete Seaward

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