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Choice is a thoroughly modern magazine but sometimes we look back at some of the events and ways of life that we all remember from our youth. There’s great features, too, on places, things to do and visit and interviews and profiles of women and men from our world.

Recent Articles

"We’re such country bumpkins”

It would be  easy to attribute Kate Humble’s television success to her wide, Julia Roberts smile and the glorious mane of unruly blonde curls that she constantly tosses back as we talk in her publisher’s London office. But it would also be unfair because Kate is a woman to be reckoned with.

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“I’m a restless person by nature”

David Essex arrives for our rendezvous in the lounge of a Covent Garden hotel, wrapped up against the icy December wind in a cashmere overcoat and peaked leather cap. As we start to talk, it seems almost incredible that this modest, quietly-spoken, 65 year-old is the same David Essex who, back in the Seventies, had to be protected from his adoring fans by policemen wielding dustbin lids.

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Hallowed hall of fame

Pictures: Clive Nicholls It's Eric Clapton’s favourite place to perform, the Queen actually owns the 20 seats in the Royal Box, and you’re just as likely to see John McEnroe playing tennis or 2000 people at a black-tie awards dinner as a rock concert, a symphony, opera or ballet.

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Still time for tearooms

Like an infusion of freshly brewed tea slowly permeating through the pot, the question gradually took shape on a visit to one of Britain’s great cities... Is the party over for the tearoom? All we had wanted was afternoon tea yet we couldn’t find a single tearoom in the city centre. Eventually we had to settle for the café in a well-known department store, where the food – but not the atmosphere – was a reasonable substitute.

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The Making of Les Mis

We're doing  a musical show... and it’s got Misérablés in the title. It’s got 29 onstage deaths... It’s largely about French history... there are no real dance routines, no tap shoes, no sequins, no fishnets, no staircase, no big stairs, no cowboys, no chimney sweeps, no witches, no wizards. Moreover, there’s virtually no advance at the box-office and it’s received thumbs-down reviews. How can it possibly succeed.”

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Toton Engineman Review

I first started to read Toton Engineman – The Autobiography of a Railwayman, published by our sister magazine Steam World, when I picked up a set of proofs in the office, writes Norman Wright. I was captivated. Then they were whisked away to the printer.

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Our Greatest Gardens

Just about the best thing you can do in the garden at this time of year… is sit in it. Apart from keeping on top of the weeds in your flower beds, doing a spot of dead-heading, watering up if the rain holds off and mowing the lawn weekly, there should be a bit of time to enjoy it.

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Great garden getaways

One of spring’s greatest pleasures is a stroll around a beautiful garden. In a Choice special report, James Henry highlights some of the best to visit. Click Here to Continue Reading and Find out what they are Have you visited any of the gardens we mentioned? What's your favourite thing to do in Spring?  

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Dating in later Life

Addition Reporting by Kelleigh Bowen Dating can be invigorating and fun – whatever your age. However, it can also be a little daunting, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve done any. Things may have changed, the way people meet may have altered, but it’s never too late to give it a go.

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Stay at home mum and author re-ignite's her career

Overview Michelle Cunnah, 52, had been out of the workplace for 15 years after following her husband abroad and supporting his career which saw her living in the US and Netherlands for 15 years, bringing up their 2 young children. A part time author she was financially independent but when she recently returned to the UK she wanted to be a part of corporate life again and re-ignite her own career….

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Over 40s Named Most Successful Online Daters

New research by , who analysed over 1 million online dating memberships, revealed that over 40s are 313% more committed to online dating than the under 40s, making time multiple times a day to log in to their dating site profile. Is it time for the Tinder Generation to take note of the Silver Surfers?  

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Scared to Shop!

More than a third (36%) of women over the age of 70 have stopped purchasing new clothes because they find the high street shopping experience ‘intimating'. 

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Men in Sheds

IT USUALLY starts off as a bit of a joke. “Where’s your dad?” “In his shed, of course.” The much-pummelled stereotype of the henpecked husband taking refuge in his shed – often fitted out with an easy chair, transistor radio and flask of tea – is as old as the hills.

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Getting older and disabled drivers behind the wheel

Since 1983 The Mobility Roadshow, organised by the charity Mobility Choice, has been helping to meet the nation’s mobility needs. From 26-28th May, this unmissable and popular event, incorporating Get Going Live! takes place for the first time at the iconic Silverstone Circuit.

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Guide for choosing clothes for older relatives

As women get older, our clothing needs change. Like it or not, we can’t slip into the same designs we grew up with and we need to find a greater balance of comfort and style. Unfortunately, many high street retailers get this wrong as their sizing and length proportions are skewed towards younger generations and there is a lack of choice in terms of attractive, yet comfortable styles.

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Martina Navratilova: "I Always Question Authority"

IT IS the afternoon of July 7, 1978 and, on the Centre Court at Wimbledon, the favourite, and world number one, Chris Evert is about to take on 21-year-old Martina Navratilova, a muscular, mousy-haired Czech who, just three years before, had defected to the United States, leaving behind her mother, sister and half-brother. For Martina it is the culmination of a childhood dream, of everything she has worked for, of everything she has sacrificed.

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Hundreds to walk in aid of Target Ovarian Cancer

The Ovarian Cancer Walk kicks off in October in cities across the UK Hundreds of people will walk in support of mums, sisters, aunts, daughters and friends whose lives have been affected by the disease Hundreds of people from across the UK will gather in London and Edinburgh this October for The Ovarian Cancer Walk, 2016’s biggest coming together of people whose lives are affected by ovarian cancer.

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1 in 10 care home residents rated activities ‘poor' , the UK’s leading care home reviews website, is urging care homes to improve their activities programmes, after its research revealed that only a half (52%) of residents and relatives rated activities in care homes as ‘excellent’. One in 10 (11%) said activities in care homes were ‘very poor’, ‘poor’ or ‘satisfactory’. Just over a third (37%) said they were ‘good’.

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Remembering the Heroic Olympians

When the Rio Olympics opens on August 5, it will be a glossy affair with plenty of millionaire, high-profile, professional athletes circling the track behind their national flags. There will be heaps of controversy, from the Zika virus to drug allegations, and most of us will be watching it all on pin-sharp high-definition TV.

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1966 and All That

What a wonderful year it was, to be young – or let’s be more specific, to be young and British. Of all the so-called Swinging Sixties, there’s surely no doubt which of them was the most colourful and creative and the one that brimmed over with sheer excitement at everything new. It has to be the year of 1966.

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"You never know what's round the corner"

HE MAY have published her first cookbook in 1970, and been on and off our television screens ever since, but Mary Berry had to wait until the age of 75 to be well and truly taken to the nation’s hearts.

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Everly Brothers 'Harmonies from Heaven'

This new Everly Brothers documentary, which was broadcast on BBC4 earlier in the year, contains additional bonus interviews not included in the broadcast version, along with a bonus DVD of previously unreleased live performances recorded for Australian TV in 1968 (Chequers Nightclub) and 1971 “(Hippies With Money”, filmed in a theater for ABC).

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The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds

On September 23, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at its creation with the release of Classic Albums – Pet Sounds , the latest addition to the acclaimed & award-winning Classic Albums series. Released on DVD and Blu-ray [MSRP $21.98 Blu-ray, $15.98 DVD] this film tells the story behind the making Pet Sounds , which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

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Thank you, Brewood

The year was 1939. It was Sunday, September 3 and I was eight years old. We had all been issued with gas masks, and each house was also given an Anderson shelter; this had to be partially buried in the garden, away from the house, and covered in soil. It had four slatted bunks, two either side, one above the other. The air-raid sirens had numerous tests, and were now silent. We knew that the next time they sounded it would be the signal that we were now at war with Nazi Germany. At 11am on this Sunday the sirens sounded – we were at war.

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Bradley Walsh "Variety is great for the soul"

Had the dice fallen rather differently Bradley Walsh could have carved out a career as a professional footballer. The actor, comedian and game show host is perhaps best-known for the long-running drama series Law & Order, for his stint in Coronation Street, and for hosting ITV1 quiz show The Chase, but at the age of 18 he had signed professional terms with Brentford FC. Ankle fracture injuries put paid to his dreams of soccer stardom, but Bradley already had his eyes on an alternative career.

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Autumn Dangers for Older Cyclists and Pedestrians

Now that the clocks have gone back, National Accident Helpline is urging pedestrians and cyclists to take care during the winter months, when darker conditions present an extra danger to road users.

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Community Dance School achieves National Success

A community dance school in Bassingbourn, near Royston, which caters for everyone from 2 to 102, has been named among the 100 small businesses in the UK to be celebrated by Small Business Saturday, the campaign that culminates in the UK’s dedicated day for small businesses on December 3rd.

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The Enduring Power of the Unknown Soldier

In the 11th month of every year, on Remembrance Sunday, the nation pays homage to its war dead. And rightly so… when even crowned heads are bowed, and thousands parade past in ever-greater numbers, then it’s an enduring and very public reaffirmation that sacrifices have not been forgotten across the generations.

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45-54 year olds worst offenders for texting and driving

· Men are more likely to use their phone while driving than women · 45 – 54 year olds more likely to chat on the phone than any other age group · 25 – 34 year olds are more likely to check their social media that 17 – 24 year olds when driving. · Women are more likely to check social media while driving than men

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"Turning 60 can't be that bad!"Jennifer Saunders

IT IS the winter of 1980 and backstage at The Comic Strip, London’s trendiest hang-out, The Menopause Sisters are waiting to make their entrance.

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Make eating breakfast a resolution which sticks, with milk&more

The secret to turning a resolution into a habit lies in making it easy to maintain, and what could be more convenient than having your favourite breakfast essentials delivered directly to your door by your very own local milkman or woman? Experts agree that eating breakfast is an important part of a healthy lifestyle [1] , so adding it to your routine is definitely worthwhile.

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Peter Capaldi: "I like characters who are strange"

IT IS a mark of the extent Doctor Who has established itself at the heart of our national life that the announcement of a new actor to play the Time Lord now merits it’s own primetime show.

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Twiggy: "I thought the world had gone mad"

There are certain images that define an era, and Twiggy’s androgynous face, all short hair and eye lashes, peering out from the pages of Vogue in 1966, seemed to perfectly capture a time of personal liberation and sexual experimentation.

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The real life notebook?

A husband and wife with dementia are still head over heels in love after 50 years, despite not always being able to remember who each other are. Chris Warren, 72, and his wife Hilary Warren, 69, share a room at their care home in Broadstone, Dorset, following a diagnosis of dementia within just two years of one another. Hilary’s vascular dementia is so severe she rarely recognises her husband Chris.

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All shook up...The day that Elvis died

Before there was Elvis Presley, there was nothing- so one of his ardent fans, John Lennon, once remarked. And after Elvis? When the King left the stage so abruptly, what did he leave behind? This summer it will be 40 years since he died and there's no questions, as the anniversary approaches, that Elvis in death is every bit the colossal star that he was in life. If anything, he's even bigger.

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I always think I'm going to get found out

TURNING ON your TV set in the early Eighties there was a good chance the first person you’d see was Peter Davison, be it as the ‘wet vet’ (Peter’s words) Tristram Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small, the bedsit dwelling Brian of Sink or Swim, or as the dashing fifth incarnation of Doctor Who. Such ubiquity has its drawbacks, however, and within ten years Peter was struggling to find work, mainly, he believes, because casting directors felt he had been over-exposed.

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Staffordshire Day

It’s a love of Staffordshire – and both have shared their top tips on the county as part of Staffordshire Day, an annual celebration of the county's greatness. Visitors can follow in the footsteps of these two famous sons of Staffordshire by discovering just why they love the county so much. Now in its second year, Staffordshire Day, which this year falls on 1 May 2017, features events, special offers and competitions.

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Monty Python: Something completely different

FOUR YEARS ago the Monty Python comedy troupe lost a legal case regarding royalties from the musical Spamalot, leaving them with in excess of £800,000 in legal fees. However, their loss turned out to be a dream come true for comedy fans. To foot the bill the remaining Pythons decided to reunite for a live one-off show (later extended to ten) at the O2 arena in 2014.

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The world of Parry Ray

Parry Ray is a singer-songwriter and interpreter with an incredibly varied musical palette.

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Nicole Kidman "Children are the joy of my life"

for Eleven years, as one half of Hollywood's foremost golden couple, Nicole Kid,an lived in the eye of the storm. She handled it better than most, but becoming one of the most famous women in the world came at the rice of her privacy. Today, moments away from the glare of the spotlight are precious, and Nicole's idea of a perfect weekend is a sing song round the piano with friends, or spending time at home with her young family.

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Volunteering Week Guide Dogs for the Blind Association

If it weren't for the sighted guide who "means the world" to her, 93 year old Hollie Pemberton would only leave home once every week to buy food. While he grandmother of two is physically able, she lacks confidence to leave her house alone, as she has very little sight. But thanks to volunteer, David Oliver, partnered with Hollie through the charity Guide Dogs' My Guide service, Hollie can enjoy trips to the museums and statel homes that she lives. 

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GrandFest 2017: What is it?

GrandFest, a one day festival returned to East London for the third year, which celebrated the skills of older people Older people took over Spitalfields on Sunday 18th June 2017 More than 20 free masterclasses were run by talented older people aged 70+ held across various venues across Shoreditch

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Hank Marvin: “Meeting Cliff changed my life”

Hank Marvin has always been the most unlikely of rock guitar heroes.

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The Beatles: It was 50 years ago...

It is the Christmas of 1966, and The Beatles are assembling at the Abbey Road recording studios in North London the work on their next LP.

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Queen Elizabeth: Happy and Glorious

It is a sobering thought that many people reaching retirement age this year were not even born when the Queen ascended the throne on February 6, 1952. Quite simply, for most of us, she has always been there, a reassuring presence through times of personal and national joy and tragedy.

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