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Welcome to Choice

Welcome to Choice Magazine Britain’s leading independent magazine for women and men over 50. We help readers defend their financial, health and relationship assets and provide inspiration to help them enjoy life. This website gives a glimpse of the modern, glossy and colourful editorial available every month as well as providing links for paper or digital subscriptions. Enjoy Choice…and life.

Money & Rights

Put the brake on car premiums

If you renewed your motor insurance policy recently, you won't need reminding that premiums are accelerating at a breakneck pace.
The average motor insurance policy costs almost £200 more than five years ago, putting further pressure on people's wallets by rising far faster than earnings.
The good news is that you can drive the cost back down, provided you pay attention when your policy comes up for renewal. Do not simply accept what your insurer is offering; put your foot down because these days, you can't afford not to.
Get moving

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Cruising by coach

The enjoyment of a coach tour is the same whether you're island-hoping on Scotland's wonderfully scenic west coast, sampling tranquillity in the Black Forest or traversing the Flinders Ranges in South Australia heading for Alice Springs and Kakado.

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Enjoy Life

Unsung artist Helaine Blumenfeld OBE on Sky arts

Hard Beauty, the first film about the life and work of sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld, OBE, will premiers on Sky Arts tonight at 10pm.

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Advertorial: Sleep one of the three pillars of good health

Consult any Doctor and they will tell you that diet, exercise and sleep are the three pillars of good health. We spend a mind boggling amount of money on diets and exercise but a surprising number of us put up with night after night of poor quality sleep.

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Blue Peter: Here's one they made earlier

For 60 years the distinctive strains of Barnacle Bill have meant only one thing for children across the generations, it’s time for Blue Peter.

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Current Issue

April 2018

Profile: Petula Clark

Special: 1968, the year of revolution

Your Money and Your Rights

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Red deer safari in Suffolk

Downton of the North

Dublin's fair city

Getting married on a budget

Is there a killer in your house?

Ludlow foodies' paradise