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Welcome to Choice

Welcome to Choice Magazine Britain’s leading independent magazine for women and men over 50. We help readers defend their financial, health and relationship assets and provide inspiration to help them enjoy life. This website gives a glimpse of the modern, glossy and colourful editorial available every month as well as providing links for paper or digital subscriptions. Enjoy Choice…and life.

Money & Rights

'Olderpreneurs' profit from experience

Growing numbers of 'olderpreneurs' are striking out by setting up their own business. 
There are now nearly 1.8 million self-emplyed people over the age of 50- up one fifth on 2008- according to the Office for National Statistics, and one in five over-50s is now self-employed, a higher proportion than for ay other age group. Growing numbers are also running their businesses past the traditional State retirement age, with 22 percent of part-time self-employed workers now aged 65 or over, up from 14 percent in 2001.

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Enjoy Life

Cosyfeet community award: Win £500 for your club

Do you help run a club, group or charity that benefits older people? Could your organisation do even more with a £500 award?

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Be the best Brit abroad

This summer, you might be taking a much-anticipated trip to a European city and, undoubtedly, the best way to immerse yourself in the culture, discover the local gems, and meet the most incredible people, is to act like a local.

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All shook up...The day that Elvis died

Before there was Elvis Presley, there was nothing- so one of his ardent fans, John Lennon, once remarked. And after Elvis? When the King left the stage so abruptly, what did he leave behind?

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Breaking the barriers of isolation

The words 'technology' invokes fear and mistrust, at least until you relate it to the car they drive or the television they watch.

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Current Issue

August 2017

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Your Money and Your Rights

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