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Choice Blog

The Choice Blog is a place where we will post interesting places, events, ideas and things that we've noticed whilst putting the magazine together. They may be things that will develop into stories or justa great cafe that we called in at on a trip that we though we'd share with you. Please share and comment on social media please.

Recent Posts

It's not so bad being a pensioner

I was blowing the candles out on a joint birthday cake with my friend Anna, something we had done lots of times before, when it sank in that the first time was 47 years ago.  She made a chocolate cake for out 18th birthday and we ate it at lunchtime in the pub, just down the road from our school. We both sat a History A-Level paper in the morning and there was an economics paper in the afternoon to look forward to.

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It seems to be 'all change' in my house at the moment.

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We’re Riding A Wave of Silver Singles. So What Now?

It’s no longer the young who are quizzed about their relationship status at every family event. It’s now the young quizzing their parents — or even grandparents, with more over-50s single and ready to mingle than ever. But why is this?

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Editors Letter: Technology Troubleshooting

"I'm sorry I did not understand what you just said," intoned the gentle voice on the other end of the phone.  Despite the pleasant and calm female tones I felt my hackles rise and I snapped back: "No you wouldn't, because you are a machine." 

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