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Bike Week 2022

It's Bike Week!

We have been given some tips from Paralympian Bike Champion Dame Sarah Storey on how women can get into the sport? 

 Dame Sarah has teamed up with Bott & Co as part of its campaign to get 50,000 more women cycling.

 Can she do it? 

To help with this, Dame Sarah has shared her top tips on how to get cycling and even created a short video which can be viewed on Bott and Co's 'She Can Ride' campaign page.

Here we have Dame Sarah Storey’s Top Tips For Women Looking To Get Into Cycling

As Bike Week 2022 kicks off today, British Paralymic Cyclist and winner of 17 Paralympic gold medals, Dame Sarah Storey has teamed up with Bott and Co solicitors to give tips on how women can get into cycling.

Visit Your Local Bike Shop

 Most areas have their own local bike shop and this is the best place to get your cycling journey started. There are other ways of getting your hands on a bike such as online, subscription services, or bike rentals but gaining expert advice from your local bike shop will help you understand which bike is best for you.

If you're thinking about commuting to work on your bike you will need a suitable road bike, if hitting off road trails on the weekend is more your style then a mountain bike with chunkier tyres is what you're after. Or even if you're looking for the more relaxed approach there is an array of electric cycles available.

As a woman you will realise that you require a different style of bike to others, that could be narrower handlebars or a comfier saddle type, we’re all different and your local bike shop will be available to assist.

 Find Local Cycling Groups

Finding like minded women in your local area is a great way to enjoy cycling. Some people tend to enjoy a bike ride by themselves and have time to think, but finding local cycling groups will help you to discover new routes and make new friends. 

Cycling in a group will also make you feel a lot safer if you're not the strongest on the saddle.

Check out Bott and Co’s new club finding tool to find the right team mates for you. 

Plan Your Route

Thinking of saddling up for a two wheeled adventure? Always plan your route beforehand.

Ask yourself the following questions -

  • Where do I want to go?
  • How far will I cycle and for how long?

Knowing the answers to these questions beforehand will help you understand what to pack - it is never a good idea to run out of food and water during a long ride!

Understand What Clothing And Equipment Is Available

There is an array of different types of clothing and equipment available to make your life a lot easier on the bike.

Visiting online stores or your local bike shop you can grab essentials such as; bigger saddlebags, clothing with storage for snacks, a water bottle cage, or even a phone holder to track your journey.

Always Pack A Rain Jacket!

Finally, we all know what the lovely British weather is like. You never want to be caught short on a ride when the heavens open.

Pack a rain jacket with you to stay dry during rainy rides, most jackets available are lightweight and easily packable if the weather picks up.

With all that said, it's time to get out and about and explore, have fun and take in the scenery. The United Kingdom offers a wide range of cycling routes in some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Do you already enjoy cycling or are keen to get involved? Let us know

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