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Christmas Memories


I was smiling when I read Dennis Ellam's feature on Christmas in the Sixties (Page 64). He sums up my memories of childhood perfectly. I remember coming home from schools carrying yard of paper chains which then festooned out house. 

Then later on in the decade came the teenage obsession with music from the Dansette record player. Like Dennis I can still picture. the image of Andy Williams in jumper and scarf on an LP cover.

For youngsters embracing the Beatles and rock and roll. Andy, with parental endorsement, introduced groans. By 1996 he was a cult hero of older teenagers with his TV show embracing flower power music and comedy sketches with regular characters like Cookie Bear. Then our parents were the ones groaning.

There's a picture of the board game Totopoly Dennis's feature. With no computer games we had to make do with board games. I would cope with fiercely competitive games of Monopoly and Cluedo but I could never get my head round that interminable horse race.

At the time my older brother was a budding detective in the Northamptonshire Constabulary which I always complained was an unfair advantage in Cluedo.

Happy days. It's also comforting to know that our children's generation like to look back on Christmas in the Eighties and Nineties with a similar nostalgic gloss. My daughters never want our family celebrations to change much.

Speaking for all the Choice staff, our regular contributors and our designer and production team can I wish you a Merry Christmas and warm and enjoyable festivities. 


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