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Editors Letter: Respect despite political differences

Few elected politicians were so diametrically opposed to Margaret Thatcher's beliefs and policies as left-wing labour MP Tony Benn. Unlike much of the bile spouted on her death, often by people who weren't even there, Tony Benn's verdict was damning on policy but positive on character. In an article for The Guardian, he wrote:

"Although I thought she was wrong, she said what she meant and meant what she dais. It was not about style with her; it was substance- I don't think she listened to spin doctors, she just had a clear idea and followed it through.

"I remember her at the funeral of MP Eric Heffer. I was asked to make a speech and as I was waiting, there was someone behind me coughing. It was Mrs Thatcher, and at the end I thanked her for coming and she burst into tears. She had come out of respect for someone whose opinions she disagreed with."

Choice always attempts to remain politically neutral and leave opinions to our correspondents and readers. Barry McLoughlin's article reflects his own views, albeit from an informed perspective of a political journalist of Margaret Thatcher's time. 

Choice reader's opinions, negative, positive or neutral, will be welcomed on our Your Views pages in future issues. 

One personal perspective I can offer is that Margaret Thatcher's roots were firmly working class.  Her grandfather lived in the same Northamptonshire village as my grandparents. Both men were hand sewn bootmakers in the tiny workshops in at the bottom of their gardens. 

Margaret's father moved upwards through hard work, which allowed education for his daughters and led her to the brink of Prime Ministership as well as forming many of her views.