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Clive goes hiking in Tuscany 1

I’ve just arrived in Pisa in the north west of Italy for my gourmet walking holiday with Hedonistic Hiking - food wine and walking in fabulous Tuscany.

The tour starts in the morning but I can’t wait, I’ve got just a few minutes of daylight left so I dash out to get a head start, making my way across the river to the Cathedral and leaning tower. The leaning tower is something else. How can it still be standing? They’ve messed with the foundations a few times over the years to try and straighten it up a bit. It’s a fine balance, if they correct the lean too much, they lose a tourist attraction, not enough and they come back in the morning to find a pile of rubble and they’ve still lost their main attraction. I’ll get the official guided tour of Pisa tomorrow but my first taste is so exciting.