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Clive goes Motorhoming Day 1: Borrowdale Club Site

Picked up my motorhome from SwiftGo in Stockport, got the heads up on all the controls and then drove to the Borrowdale Club Site in the north of the Lake District, an easy 140 mile run, giving me time to get used to what will be my home for the next four days. Plug the electric in at my pitch, and try and look like I know what I’m doing - I don’t. I check out the bathroom and give myself an unexpected shower, it’ll take a while to dry my clothes out but at least I know that the shower works.

I open a bottle of wine, cook myself a gourmet meal: Chicken in black bean sauce (Asda) served over a bed of broccoli, courgettes and baby button mushrooms. Amazingly good. I think I’m getting the hang of this motorhoming!