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Clive's Countryside Blog: Mar 11th

I’ve been having a bit of trouble with a lime tree that drops branches every time the wind blows. I’ve had a bit of practice with a chainsaw in the past but this is way beyond my level of expertise so I had to call in the professionals to give it a short back and sides.

It was amazing to watch. They were up the tree at a speed that would put a monkey to shame, the branches soon tumbling down. Perfectly choreographed, totally safe, they had soon put the lime in its place. I would probably have killed someone, most certainly have put a branch through the roof, definitely money well spent.


In 2006 Choice travel photographer Clive Nicholls moved from a home in the city to a small village in the heart of the countryside. Thirteen years on and he’s still learning the country ways and every day brings a few surprises.