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Clive's Countryside Blog: Jan 31st

Every year I say the same “The snowdrops are late this year” and every year I’m wrong. The reality is that the ones in the grass don’t really come into their own until the first of February and by the end of the month they’re done. You can set your calendar by them. Yet time and time again I’m disappointed that once Christmas is over I haven’t got a carpet of white beauties. In sheltered spots they do come a couple of weeks earlier, or maybe they are just a different variety. No matter, we are at the end of January and the little tinkers are coming through and, slightly optimistically for me, signalling the start of the end of winter. I’ll be urging on the daffs next!


In 2006 Choice travel photographer Clive Nicholls moved from a home in the city to a small village in the heart of the countryside. Thirteen years on and he’s still learning the country ways and every day brings a few surprises.