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Money & Rights

Thriftiness starts at home

Start the year by improving your financial fitness. Jo Cooper goes from room to room to show you how to save money – and even earn some


1 Buy cheaper brands. Supermarket basic ranges are often just as good as well-known brands so there’s no need to compromise on taste. You can pick up a supermarket own-brand soup for 25p, compared with 95p or more for a well-known one like Heinz.

2 Make use of pound shops and other discount stores to stock up on basics like bin bags, wrapping paper and household cleaning products.

3 Choose to cook cheaper cuts of meat and use a slow cooker, which will cost less money than using your oven.

4 Avoid wasting food. The average family throws away £60-worth of food a month (according to Love Food Hate Waste). So only buy what you need and get into the habit of freezing leftovers for another day.

5 Use local markets to buy your fruit and vegetables – they will be a lot cheaper than your supermarket.

6 Grow your own herbs on the windowsill. Supermarkets charge a small fortune (up to a £1 a packet) for fresh herbs.

7 Shop late in the evening or on Sunday afternoons when retailers tend to offer reduced food that is about to go out of date. You can always freeze items when you get them home.

8 Avoid using a tumble dryer – dry clothes on a washing line when possible. If you do want a tumble dryer, buy one with a good energy label rating and choose one with a sensor that tells when clothes are dry enough.

9 Only use your washing machine when you have a full load – you’ll not only save water but also the energy used to heat it.

To find out how you can save money all around your house, click here to read the full artucle.

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