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Latest and Safest car options for over 50s

All new cars are created with safety in mind these days, however some models come with far more safety features then others. Whether you're looking for a safe family vehicle, or safe specialist car options suitable for those with disabilities, below you'll discover some of the latest, safest cars available to buy.

Volkswagen Arteon Hatchback

If you're now in you're 50s and wondering what safe and comfortable car to purchase, the Volkswagen Arteon Hatchback is one of the safest family vehicles you can invest in. It's received a 5 star rating from NCAP, offering a 96% adult occupant, 85% child occupant and a 85% pedestrian protection score. There's numerous safety systems installed such as Automatic Emergency Braking, lane keeping assistance and Adaptive Cruise Control.

What sets this car apart is its pedestrian safety features. The pedestrian monitoring system lets you know if pedestrians are at the side of the road, while in the event of an accident, the bonnet pops up to reduce the likelihood of pedestrian head injuries. Not only is this car one of the safest around, but it's also luxuriously stylish too.

Ford Fiesta Freedom

If you're looking for a vehicle that's safe and designed for disabled drivers and passengers, you'll struggle to find one better than the Freedom model. Not only is this large vehicle incredibly safe, but it's also economical too, You can order specialist options through companies like Allied Vehicles Limited, to ensure the car iss 100% tailored to fit you needs.

Some of its most impressive features include an EasyGlide wheelchair ramp and diagonal and lap seatbelts, perfect for safely securing wheelchair passengers. To complete its excellent design, the Fiesta Freedom guaranteed a smooth, quiet ride.

Nissan Micra

the newest Nissan Micra is one of the safest small cars you can buy and if you're closing in on the retirement, it could be a really suitable option. It comes with an excellent safety pack included which provides Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Assist Like the Volkswagen Arteon, the Micra has received 5 star rating from NCAP, largely thanks to its high pedestrian, as well as adult and child occupant protection ratings.

It's stylish compared to its predecessor too and has pretty good duel economy. So, if you're looking for a small, affordable car that's big on safety, this is definitely one to consider.

Overall, there's a lot of impressive new cars which focus high on safety available this year. The above are just 3 of the best you can invest in.

Have you bought any of these cars? Got your own suggestions? 

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