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Ethical Festive Gift Guide

Why not go green this Christmas and buy environmentally friendly gifts?

Christmas is the time of year when many of us massively increase our carbon footprint, using more energy and creating more waste. bins are overflowing with discarded wrapping paper, boxes, Sellotape and plastic packaging, empty bottles and leftover food that no one has the appetite to finish,

While some of this is inevitable, by buying environmentally friendly gifts we can go some way towards counterbalancing out excesses. We have some ideas to suit all ages and budgets, all of which can be bought online so you don;t have to fight your way through the Christmas crowds. 

Happy Shopping!

Presents for Babies

1. Mini Magpie clothing 

Mini magpie takes recycled jumpers and turns them into unique clothing articles, using only natural fibres such as wool and cashmere, with the entire collection handmade in London

These clothes are not cheap- a pair of trousers typically costs around £30, and it's £40 for dungarees (sizes from newborn to 7)- but prices are comparable to the upmarket designer brands and should wear well enough to allow them to be passed on to the next grandchild 

Click here to browse the etsy store

2. Little Green Radicals Clothing

British based company, Little Green Radicals, sells clothes for children aged up to eight, using machine-washable 100 percent organic Fairtrade Indian-grown cotton. .

Fairtrade means the cotton has been produced by farmers who meet the Fairtrade standards, which include fair pay, protection of workers' and environtmental rights and investment back into local communities.

Organic clothing means that no harmful chemicals or dangerous dyes are used in the manufacturing process. Making them better for babies and children, especially if they suffer allergies or eczema.

Some of our favourite gifts include a cosy reversible winter jacket (£36), with matching Sherpa hat (£18) Or for a cheaper option, try the site's organic baby massage oil (£8.45) or jar of sleep balm to aid a peaceful sleep (£9.95)

Click here to bBrowse their site

Presents for pre-school children

1. Ethical Superstore toys

Children, both boys and girls, seem to love cars and trucks- basically anything that can be pushed or pulled along. 

Our favourite gifts are the four wheel drive toy truck (£15.95) powered by salt water helps educate children on using alternative energy sources. The toy needs to be build but comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and no batteries are required There's also a salt water powered motor cycle (£16.95) 

For stocking  gifts, they have lots of inexpensive ideas too- for exammple, Fairtrade simple 'block' jigsaw puzzles (from £6.99) and skipping ropes (£6.99), both made from sustainable Sri Lankan wood.  

Click here to browse their toys

Ages 5 to 10

1. Protect the Planet Recycled gifts

Pencils made from recycled CD cases, given a new life after being saved from landfill, rules made from recycled plastic, and notebooks and pads made from recycled paper make great stocking fillers for younger school-aged kids.

For the children in your life who have an amusing curiosity about bodily functions, try these recycled colouring cards made from washed a sterilised sheep-poo

Click here to browse the full range of products


1. The Pela Case 

Apparently, there are now more mobile devices than there are people on the planet and this year saw the billionth iPhone sold in less than a decade. An estimated 88 percent of teenagers have a mobile phone and that means they also own a cover to protect it against damage. Lots of these are plastic though and will end up in landfill where they will take up to 1000 years to decompose.

The Pela Case is an eco-friendly iPhone case made from Flaxtic, which is a combination of flax straw 'waster' and plants biopolymers (non-food crops). It is 100 percent compostable and comes in five bright colours. 

Click here to browse the full range of covers

Young Adults

1. The Wise House Home gifts

UK business, The Wise House sells a range of cheerful gifts and things for the home that make it easy to use less plastic and live more sustainably.

Gifts include skin care products, bags and purses, organic cotton pyjamas and leather slippers.

They also offer gift boxes containing things such as a 'grocery starter set' (£21) You can also 'customise' a gift box, choosing any products from the complete range to create your own special gift 

Click here to browse the full range of products


1. Adopt an animal

Many newly married couples live in rented accommodation these days, with landlords often saying 'no' to pets. If you are buying for an animal loving-couple, why not adopt a furry friend? 

There are many schemes that allow you to adopt animals form the exotic to the more mundane.

Click here to see the the choice of animals to adopt

2. Green Tulip stocking fillers 

For a stocking present Green Tulip has some great ideas, including clean-burning sustainable plant-wax aromatic candles in a gift box (£12.50 for three)

Click here to see the full range


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