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Christmas Scrooge... or spendthrift?

Do you love Christmas shopping and spoiling your family? Or are you more a cynical Scrooge who would rather avoid the commercial hype?

1) When choosing Christmas cards to send, you buy them from:

           a- Your nearest department store as it has the finest selection.

          b- You don't send Christmas cards- it's a waste of money.

          c- You already have the ones you bought in the January sales.

          d- A charity Christmas card shop so you can support your favourite cause.

2) Your eldest granddaughter has asked you for a designer handbag. Do you:

          a- Agree to buy it- the right label means everything to teenagers.

          b- Ignore her Christmas wish and give her a tenner.

          c- Shop around on the internet and use a discount voucher code to get a good deal on the bag.

          d- Encourage her to consider a second-hand designer bag from a charity shop?

3) It's your turn to invite the family round for Christmas lunch. Do you:

           a- Plan a lavish lunch with several joints of meat, a vegetarian alternative and heaps of puddings.

          b- Agree reluctantly to host, then come up eith an excuse nearer the time.

          c- order a free-range turkey from your local butchers but buy the rest at a discount supermarket like Aldi.

          d- Tell your family you will be feeding the homeless on Christmas Day, but they are welcome for drinks on Boxing Day?

4) Your daughter has recently bought a puppy. the Labrador is the love of her life and she treats it like a child. Do you get the dog a Christmas present:

          a- Yes, of course- it's part of your daughter's family.

          b- No. A dog is a dog and won't know it's Christmas anyway.

          c- Yes, but you o to a discount dog store or online to find a suitable toy.

          d- Yes, but you make your own present using an old cardboard box filled with torn up newspaper and hide some dog treats in it.  

5) Before the festivities begin, you always stock up on your favourite tipples. You  buy:

           a- Caseloads of wine and champagne as well as spirits.

          b- A few bottles of wine from the supermarket as it's on special offer.

          c- Wine but you check which supermarket is offering the best discounts for Christmas.

          d- Fairtrade wine.

6) Your partner has taken up a new hobby and wants the latest clothing or equipment. Do you buy it?

          a- He/she loves this new hobby so you get the gear, regardless of the cost.

          b- As the outfit is expensive, you suggest you buy it as a joint present for birthday and Christmas.

          c- You double-check exactly what's wanted, but then shop around to get the best deal.

          d- You eventually buy it (but only after first checking eBay and charity shops).

7) One of your grandchildren is planning to go abroad for several months, and would prefer money rather than a gift for Christmas. Do you:

           a- Gift the money.

          b- Tell them to save up for the trip.

          c- Give half the money and a money-belt to keep the rest safe while travelling.

          d- Give some money but also the names of friends abroad who could offer a bed for the night?

8) Some of your friends have suggested that as everyone is a bit short of  money, it would be best to do a Secret Santa where you each only buy one present. Do you:

          a- Agree but spend more than the £10 present limit that everyone agreed on.

          b- Agree but spend as little as possible on the gift.

          c- Agree but spend as little as possible on the gift.

          d- Agree and buy something made from natural products so it doesn't harm the environment?

9) The Christmas party season is in full swing. Your neighbour invites you round for drinks at New Year. Do you:

           a- Reply immediately saying yes and take round a bottle of Champagne.

          b- Say 'no, thank you'. Parties just aren't your thing.

          c- Agree to go and take round that bottle of sloe gin you were given for Christmas.

          d- Say yes and take round a jar of your home-made chutney?

10) You view Christmas as a time for:

          a- Indulging others and enjoying yourself.

          b- Watching TV and getting cut-price food from the supermarket on Christmas Eve.

          c- Seeing family and friends.

          d- A time to help the less fortunate.


Mostly a's


For you, life is for enjoying yourself- you'll worry about your massive credit card bill in January. You eagerly look forward to Christmas and can't wait to start the party season. Don't foget to buy something for that hangover...

Mostly b's


You are a cynic when it comes to Christmas and think your relatives are mad to spend so much mney on present;s but you'll enjoy a few bottles of your favourite tipple now it's on special offer at the supermarket!

Mostly c's

Savvy spender

You certainly know how to budget and use loyalty points and discount codes to get good deals. You probably buy your presents throughout the year to spread the cost. You may even have a little left over to treat yourself. 

Mostly d's

Saviour of the planet

You spend Christmas feeding the homeless or helping at an animal shelter. You often five homemade gifts like jam or adopt endangered animals for younger family members. Remember to be kind to yourself, too- crack open that sloe gin you made...



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